Hemp vs Marijuana

You’ve been hearing about hemp for a while now. It has been getting more and more popular in the media, among friends, and in the health industry. Discussions about its legality are taking place in almost every state and is hotly debated. These discussions often occur because the difference between hemp vs marijuana might be difficult to understand. So, let’s dive into what the difference actually is and why it matters.


Although industrial hemp is a member of the Cannabis sativa species, it is not a plant that can be used recreationally as a drug. Currently, it is used for extracting CBD. Even though hemp contains a fair quantity of CBD, it is really low in the psychoactive, intoxicating compound THC.

Federal law currently defines industrial hemp as cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.


Marijuana comes from a variety of sativa and indica blends. It can have up to 30% THC and has been used as a drug for centuries.

The high levels of THC in marijuana cause a ‘high,’ promoting euphoria and relaxation. It is also used as a medicine in several states, depending on the legality.


There are four distinct differences when it comes to hemp vs marijuana.


Because they are both members of the cannabis species, hemp and marijuana contain cannabinoids. However, they each vary in the level of cannabinoids.

While hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, marijuana contains 5-20% average. Some strains can pack up to 30%+ THC.


Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. However, each state has unique marijuana laws. Many states now allow for medicinal usage by certain patients, and some also allow adults to use high-THC marijuana for recreation.

When it comes to hemp, the 2018 Farm bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, allowing people to access hemp easily for the first time in decades. However, a few states have outlawed hemp, so hemp is not legal in every state as of yet.


Despite both being cannabis, marijuana and hemp are grown very differently.

Marijuana cultivators need to carefully monitor temperature and humidity throughout every stage of growth. Each plant is grown far apart from each other, and nutrient intake is efficiently controlled.

Hemp, on the other hand, requires a simpler process to grow. Plants grow close together in a wider variety of conditions. Cultivators are able to grow hemp quickly without any chemicals or fertilizers..


Users can smoke marijuana recreationally, to get high, or use it for therapeutic medical purposes. Whether you are qualified to use marijuana will depend heavily on what state you live in.

Before hemp was outlawed, crafters used the fibers of the hemp plant to make sails for ships. The fibers are also used for producing cloth materials, and even have some uses in the construction industry. The seeds can be consumed for nutrition.


In the CBD industry, hemp is truly essential. With more understanding of hemp, CBD users will be able to access products of better quality, making usage safe.

Get in touch with any questions about how to find quality CBD and whether it is legal in your area!

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