CBD & Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic creates a devastating effect on the social, economic, and political sectors around the world. The world economy came to a perilous halt. With the pandemic reaching almost every region of the world, it proves to be far more disastrous than earlier outbreaks of swine flu, SARS, or MERS. Several countries have locked down their area, resulting in people being confined to their homes. The Covid-19 pandemic also affects the world of CBD for customers and businesses.

Covid-19 & the CBD Industry?

This period of social distancing results in a surge of social media use and other online activities as leaders have shut down activities. Just like other industries, the cannabis industry also feels the impact of the pandemic leading to different kinds of a pattern among cannabis consumers from ‘bulk-buying’ to what is known as the ‘lipstick effect,’ where consumers keep buying products for personal indulgence in such uncertain periods.

Social and economic insecurities mark these periods. Therefore, these periods cause stress and anxiety to which certain retailers have come up with a unique solution. Certain Cannabidiol (CBD) shops in the Houston area have been providing CBD oils free of cost, and one can choose between CBD rolls or tinctures. This would help in releasing some stress among users, with changes in sleeping patterns and lifestyles impending along with the stress of financial risks.

Cannabis is still a restricted item on the federal list. Often its supply is delayed, which has allowed only a limited outreach among patients. Relaxation of rules for the supply of medical cannabis can help caregivers deliver them to large numbers of patients. Many states have allowed cannabis dispensaries and processors to remain open. They categorize them as life-sustaining businesses. Some dispensaries have started curbside pickup. This reduces human to human contact or limiting the number of patients for the first business hour. The good news is that you can order online to stay safe and get the quality CBD you need.

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